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“WaterWorks is the safest and the most effective product on the market today to help women eliminate vaginal odors and for an overall sensation of feeling fresh and clean.”
- Dr. Dave E. David

Customer Testimonials
“Love this system. I’d suggest not filling the bag all the way up because of it being kind of weak. The wand is nice. I no longer buy other douche after buying this, and feel very clean still.” - Janice January, 2019
“Item works as expected.” - LaTanya January, 2019
“Excellent” - S. C. January, 2019
“Just what I needed to replace my waterworks bag that had torn at the top.” - Ms. Strickland January, 2019
“Been using for years. Satisfied with product” - Alicia OLeary January, 2019
“Thank you for providing as ordered.” - Nancy M. January, 2019
“Let me start by saying, I am a review READER but not a review WRITER! It all started years ago, after SEVERAL doctors visits and several medications later......I read about this product in maybe 2015 and found one at Target for 20 bucks.....I knew it was a looooonng shout, but gave it a try........IT IS AMAZING!!!!!! so amazing that I wanted to purchase some for friends that I know are dealing with some of the same issues and looking for the answer. To no avail, I saw that the price has gone up by 4x the amount!!! I KNOW WHY.....BECAUSE THE PRODUCT IS AMAZING. IT CONFIRMS MY FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS! YES, this product is extremely expensive, especially, when you see the 'cheesy' device BUT listen, the device works. No more doctors visits etc!!! I will definitely purchase this product for the listed price!!!! NO questions asked.” - Customer December, 2018
“So far so good. Didn't expect it to come so quick, but I have used it and although it's pretty expensive (probably due to high demand) this is a great product. Smaller than I expected which is good and it's not heavy as some stainless steel products are.” - KS Addison August, 2018
“Product really works, as described, low cost, already ordered again. Thanks!!” - GS August, 2018
“The product is cool and I feel even cleaner after using it!” - MC August, 2018
“I am very pleased with this item and especially with the delivery.” - Saundra August, 2018
“I am very satisfied with this purchase. Thanks for the great service!!!” - Pamela M. August, 2018
“Received as described . I'm very happy!!” - AD August, 2018
“My wife liked it!” - AA August, 2018
“Waterworks is the best vaginal cleansing system on the market...I bought my first one for (believe it or not ) $29 off amazon...I lost the stainless steel bulb so tried to buy another ... the price had went up to over $100 dollars ... I was shocked but bought it anyway because since I had problems with vaginal cleansing for years I was thrilled when it going to the doctor and buying prescribed pills and's the stainless steel bulb that takes away the odor...who would have thought something as simple as a stainless steel bulb and water could solve this if you have this problem...try won't regret it.” - C. Peonies June, 2018
“I can't explain how amazing this product is. I got my girlfriend to get one as well. Makes me feel extremely refreshed and hygienic.” - C. G. April, 2018
“This is a great product..yes it cost money but why not spend money on something that can clean your coochie well. I don't understand why everyone is complaining about the price..yes it was 39.00 dollars but it's not anymore! Pay money to keep your stuff smelling right!” - Kindle April, 2018
“This product has completely changed my life. For some reason, since being pregnant with my first child I began having a never-ending list of female troubles. BV, Yeast Infections, UTI'S, and the worst in my opinion an unattractive scent. The reason it was the worst is because it was almost always there. I always would try to shower right before sex with my husband and begin it feeling confident. Just when I would be really getting into it, there it would be. I cannot even begin to explain to my husband how it made me feel. Embarrassed and hopeless. I heard about this baby a couple years ago but my OB firmly told me to not use anything inside of myself, that it was a self - cleaning organ. But after two years of trying it his way, I was like the heck with it. It can't hurt. It is expensive, but from what I understood, the stainless steel nozzle was the key to it's success and I had not seen another cleanser with a stainless steel piece so I finally broke down and bought it. Well, I noticed a difference the first time I used it! after three days that 'scent' was gone and didn't come back. I use it every day now and I can finally, finally have spontaneous sex again! It is so freeing! Not only do I not have to jump in the shower right before, I am not embarrassed by a weird scent at all. We as women have enough stresses in our lives. If you have done everything right and you are still having issues, please just try this. I honestly believe that some of us just don't have perfect bodies that do their jobs as well as some other ladies. This product completely liberated me.” - The Browns April, 2018
“Love this product!” - Amazon Customer March, 2018
“Worth the money!!” - O.Washington March, 2018
“I'm in Love!!!” - K. Betts March, 2018
“Every girl should have one!” - Queen S. March, 2018
“Great product! Buy it and be amazed!” - J. Gillison March, 2018
“This works so well for people struggling to keep the natural flora down there. I've struggled with BV and yeast problems what seems an eternity. This knocked it out of the park. And is so clean and refreshing I recommend please if you struggle it's worth a shot. I've always used bottled water.” - Kymon February, 2018
“I have tried everything, nothing really worked, this is the best product that I have ever bought.” - Saltanaton February, 2018
“Very good product price is very satisfied” - Amazon Customer January, 2018
“I purchased this product in 2016 & I absolutely love it! It is gentle, easy to clean & reliable. 5 stars.” - Amazon Customer January, 2018
“I swear by this item and I don't swear! I tell all my friends about this item! A must have for all women. No more odors and it makes you feel clean!” - G. Morrison January, 2018
“I'm so amazed at how just rinsing with water is all you need!! This tool is awesome.” - Pamela W. September, 2017
“Works great but wish I had a good way to store it when I'm not using it.” - Lisa September, 2017
“I just love it. I recommend this instead of a douche.” - Temeka R. August, 2017
“Works amazing. Every single woman should own just for a beautiful refresh.” - Irene M. August, 2017
“I have been using this for years. It is the best product ever. No longer any kind of odor. No longer ever having to use suppositories or antibiotics that dont work. This works better than anything. I use once everyday never a problem again” - Amazon Customer July, 2017
“I have been using this for years. It is the best product ever. No longer any kind of odor. No longer ever having to use suppositories or antibiotics that dont work. This works better than anything. I use once everyday never a problem again” - Joanne G. June, 2017
“This will change your life! It is the best. It makes you feel refreshed. I use it every 2-3 days and but daily like it says but it's still wonderful. Takes so getting used to. Also, it takes a while for all the water to empty out the bag in process so if you are in a rush to go, I advise you to skip that day haha! Overall, best cleansing product ever so ladies stop using the soaps and the harmful chemical douches!” - Lexiee S. June, 2017
“My package arrived in record time! I was very excited about that” - Shawna J. May, 2017
“I am pleased with the item!!” - Robyn P. May, 2017
“Seamless service” - G. Merklin May, 2017
“I love this item. It's natural cleansing product. I would purchase again” - Monica Cruver May, 2017
“I bought this item for my daughter and she's quite pleased with it.” - Frenchietta G. May, 2017
“I love this product, it has changed my life.” - H.E. December, 2016
“Today I am on day 3 and my foul odor is COMPLETELY GONE!! No more stinky discharge. No more worrying about if my boyfriend can smell me. I can finally have a sex life!” - S.Q. October, 2016
“I've tried all sorts of stuff...but then I decided to order this - THANK YOU! After one use, I noticed a huge difference. So excited to find this! Good luck ladies - cheers to clean and beautiful smelling lady parts.” - M.L. September, 2016
“Love this product! I don't feel bad about using unknown substances to get that fresh feeling because all I'm using is tap water. It's very easy to use after you put it together. I wish I would have gotten this earlier. What woman doesn't want to have confidence and feel secure with her body?” - N.S. August, 2016
“I really LOVE the product and have made this a regular part of my routine. I have told all my girlfriends about Waterworks, and they too are extremely happy and satisfied with the product.” - P.R. July, 2016
“My confidence and love life is back. I have to tell everyone...even the skeptics that are out there. What made me get this product is from the reviews that were positive. I use it almost every day because it's just like cleaning your own body; it's hygiene and a great way to keep your private parts as fresh as the rest of your body. I Love Love Love...Try it and you'll see. You won't be sorry.” - R.H. June, 2016
“I must say this is amazing. I purchased this from amazon 8/2013 and still use it at least 4 times a week. I have had odor problems all of my life and the doctor could never find anything wrong. I was actually sitting in the doctors office and saw an ad in the magazine I was reading about waterworks. I immediately started researching it when I got home and the rest is history. I purchased it and immediately saw a change. The odor that I had smelled all the time was gone immediately after the first use. That is when I became a believer in waterworks. This is way cheaper than store bought douches and is a safe way of douching whereas its actually harmful to use regular douches. My stainless steel component of the system looks just as new as the day I received it and I have had it almost 3 years. I am so amazed at how I am not self conscious any more when it comes to being intimate with my partner because of vaginal odor, I truly have no odor what so ever. I also love that this is safe to use daily. If you have been plagued by vaginal odor then look no more this is the last thing you will have to buy to get rid of it. I really feel this is a miracle product and am very grateful to the Abbott research group for this product.” - A.D. May, 2016
“I feel very clean and invigorated after using the Water Works system. I love the way it cleanses without irritating my vagina. You will not need to buy any other feminine douches using it. I highly recommend it because It Truly Works! It leaves me truly clean and fresh.” - A.S. April, 2016
“I've been using this product for a month now and I love it. I really wanted something that would help me feel fresher, more than just taking a shower and washing the external area. Especially just after my cycle ending or after being intimate with my boyfriend. I read all the testimonials although everything I read was great. I did more and more research on it other places online, read lots of reviews on different sites and watched a few videos from satisfied customers on youtube. After that I felt good enough about it to go ahead and give it try, so I ordered it. I absolutely love it! I love that all that is needed is warm water so it doesn't disrupt your PH balance and also the way the water shoots out, it comes out downward and not straight up directly into your cervix which is important. I was planning on only using it right after my cycles were over and after intimacy with my man but I have been using it daily and I feel so fresh throughout the day. I would definitely recommend any woman to try this product its worth a try.” - A.C. March, 2016
“Wow. I just recently purchased this at my local CVS and I have one thing to say..... BELIEVE THE HYPE! This is hands down the best intimate cleaner I have ever used in my entire life. I, like many other women on here, have been suffering with recurrent BV since high school... I've been prescribed tons of meds and cremes from my doctor and the results were only temporary. When I used it the first time my bv odor disappeared almost immediately. I felt the freshest I've felt in a very long time. I love this product and would definitely recommend it to women out there...” - P. February, 2016
“After reading so many positive reviews I decided to order the WaterWorks system and I am very glad that I did. I feel very fresh and clean from just plain water. Great product and I highly recommend this product for all women, period.” - J. January 2016
“Thank you so much for this product. I feel like a new woman.” - T.P. December 2015
“Ok ladies, everyone needs to own one of these. It's a life changer if you worry about, ya know.... Get it and get one for your daughters too” - C. November 2015
“This came recommended by my best friend who uses it as well as her three sisters. I can't believe how amazing this is. $30? No joke I would have paid $300 for it. There is no price on being saved by embarrassment in the bedroom. This product naturally clears it out without clearing good bacteria. THANK U to whoever created this. It changed my life.” - C. M. October 2015
“I absolutely love this product. Just after one day of use the odor I have been dealing with for YEARS seems to have disappeared! Whoever came up with this is a pure genius. Thank you so much!” - L. S. September 2015
“I usually don't write reviews unless it's a product that I love and can't live without. And this product is something I CAN'T live without! I have had this miracle system for 3 days now and I can see a huge difference in my odor! I have been dealing with vaginal odor my whole life and every product I have tried to ”mask” it but this product is different - it actually works!!!!! Best $30 ever spent! Seriously If I had to buy this product over again I would have spent $100!!!” - A. M. August 2015
“Works great! I've had a problem with chronic yeast infections that I just couldn't shake. I read a lot of reviews on WaterWorks and it sounded pretty legit, and honestly, by the time that not even prescription stuff was working completely, I was at my wits end. I started using this product for a few days and immediately noticed it working. The water just washes the bad stuff right out. All I know is this product made a huge difference for me. I definitely recommend.” - A. July 2015
“Wow!!! I love it! This product actually WORKS! I have been having bad bacteria orders/discharge through my whole life since I was in middle school. I spend money all the time on things that don't work for me. But, I heard about Waterworks, did some research about it & gave it a try. It's been over a week using this. I CAN ALREADY TELL IT WORKS! When I used it, I can't smell it AT ALL! I can't believe water makes it go away. I feel fresh down there & it cleans everything out! Plus, you can use this after sex or whenever you feel like you want to be fresh down there! Very worth buying & it saved money for me!! Very happy about this product.” - M. June 2015
“I have had not-so-pleasant odors for a few years now, and I have tried every product you can think of. I scanned all of the reviews and comments I could read before I actually tried this out. Let me just say that after trying this product for a couple of weeks I do believe! After using WaterWorks, the fishy smell was gone immediately. I am so relieved. This is amazing. I am so grateful. There is hope, ladies. I usually never write reviews, but I owe it to any woman who is like me, and had no hope. This product works!!” - A.C. May 2015
“I remember watching the Doctors on TV a while ago about this product. I really needed something that would work. My first day using it, and wow what a noticeable difference already.” - M. April 2015
“Since everyone under the sun swears against douching I thought this was the same thing, at first. I'm diligent and wanted to make an informed decision. When I used the Waterworks...MY GOODNESS it's a huge difference! Great outstanding product!!” - R.E. March 2015
“I have struggled with odor, which caused me to be very self conscious. I decided to try this product after researching and trying several others not really believing it would work for me. It's the best decision I have ever made. I saw a difference after the first use. I'm now on day 3 and I feel like my whole life has changed. I'm confident again and no longer uneasy about intimate contact. If you have this problem, please try this. You will not be sorry.” - T. February 2015
“This thing is amazing! Went on vacation recently and did not take it.....boy did I miss it! Takes care of discharge and odor with just water. Love it!” - A.C. January 2015
“Thanks to this device, I feel like me again!!! I am 55 years young but my body has been doing odd things including changing my scent...very embarrassing. But this has COMPLETELY eradicated any odor. I never felt fresher or more confident...THANK YOU WATER WORKS!!!” - A.B. December 2014
“Love this thing! Definitely helps the cleaning process.....I'm always fresh and clean.” - K.A. November 2014
“I love this product. I feel extra clean and confident after each use.” - S.R. October 2014
“The natural way to flush out any lingering odors...either after the monthly visitor or after a few sessions with the boyfriend. Really helps to keep you clean and clear.” - J.J. September 2014
“I have battled vaginal odor for the past 10 years. Nothing worked. NOTHING. After reaching a breaking point and desperate for a 'normal' life I found this product. NOT ONE SMELL. DEFINITELY THE BEST MONEY SPENT!” - D. August 2014
“This product is awesome. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ITEM TO ANYONE that has tried Summers Eve! Don't waste any more of your money on Summers Eve...THIS ITEM WORKS!! I LOVE IT!!!” - V.C. July 2014
“Ladies, this is the best invention since sliced bread. The device will give you optimum results. I am absolutely odor free. It's easy to use and it really works. Best purchase I've made!!!” - S. June 2014
“I absolutely highly recommend it as a natural flush.... How I wish I'd known about WaterWorks years ago!” - S.W. May 2014
“This product exceeded my expectations. Every woman should own one. It gives you the confidence you need while feeling fresh every day! It does not change the pH balance of your lady parts and can be used daily. I highly recommend it. Finally a product that works!” - K., April 2014
“Words cannot express how wonderful this product is! No more questioning or feeling unclean. It works great and is easy to use.” - C.R., March 2014
“I got this product 2 years ago and what a world of difference....every woman should have one.” - D.K., February 2014
“I am so sorry for not buying this 2 years ago, when I first saw it. I love this and now can't live without this cleansing system. Every woman should have it. ” - I. K. January 2014
“I am soooo happy I ordered this. This doesn't leave you with a "fresh feeling" - you really are fresh. It does no harm down there, my doctor (female) told me. I just love the idea of not using chemicals that disrupt the ph balance. This is the best!!!” - R. D. December 2013
“I like this product so much and I am glad I came across it! Thanks for my freshness!” - R. W. November, 2013
“OMG! This is the best thing I have ever used! It is so worth the price! The metal head that you stick inside you is so comfortable. I did not know if it would be or not. This has great odor control. I cannot say enough good things about this product!!” - C. N. October, 2013
“I honestly dont have a vagina problem. I just thought this product would make me feel fresher and cleaner....and it REALLY DOES!!” - D. H. September, 2013
“I did A LOT of research on this product before purchasing and real life accounts is what finally sold me. It uses tap water which is almost free and it does not hurt or disrupt your balance. You can feel confident with your partner during intimacy, you can feel great by being able to rinse away any body fluids which are also known to cause odor and you can use after your menstrual cycle and pregnancy to help ensure that any bad bacteria/old blood is out of there, preventing odor. I hope someone finds this review helpful. It is worth the price for peace of mind and if you think about it, buying other products that do not work or wear off after a few days, if you look at your spending for douches, I prefer the natural methods- they are far more effective and not harmful. Water and WaterWorks!” - B. H. August, 2013
“I have been plagued with Bacterial Vaginitis most of my adult life. I used suppositories for freshness every day. One day three years ago, while watching TV I came across your product, it has changed my life as well as my confidence! I always feel fresh and clean. I tell everyone I can about this remarkable product, I also recently ordered one for my college-aged daughter as she said she needed one. I had been promising her one ever since she graduated from high school. I am a faithful customer and replace my bags and hoses regularly. This is a great invention, I think you should do a tour on college campuses! Young women need to know that there is something out there that is economical and healthy for those who suffer from vaginal odor that is not caused by an infection or disease.” - Dr. Wells. July, 2013
“I LOVE this! I have always had a little bit of vaginal odor and would always get yeast or bacterial infections. I always had some type of white discharge in my underwear on a daily basis, but I have been using this for about a week now and I have not had ANY white discharge in my underwear. I used to feel so unclean and like I needed to shower at least twice a day to feel fresh, but I feel so much cleaner and fresher now!” - M. G. June, 2013
“I LOVE my Waterworks!! It started working in just 3 days!! I did not have a strong odor, I just always used something around my period time and sexual intercourse. The store-bought douches would make me itch for 2 or 3 days and make me feel really dry in my vaginal area. I am very pleased with my WaterWorks and have suggested it to all my friends!!” - T. G. May, 2013
“This REALLY WORKS!! The WaterWorks product has brought me such peace of mind. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering this embarrassing problem.” - L. S. April, 2013
“I couldnt be happier with this product. I first saw it on The Doctors and immediately wanted to own it. I have dealt with feminine odor for awhile on and off. And lately it had gotten worse. I wasnt sure if i wanted to spend the money but im glad i did. It worked amazingly well the very first use and everytime after that. Im not sure if i need to use it considering my odor problem seem to be gone completely but i still use daily just in case.” - G. O. March, 2013
“I have waited over four years to try this product. Like many women who suffered from vaginal odors, it had been haunting me for a long time. I just got this product yesterday in the mail, i tried it right away and the problem went away joke. it is worth every penny and will make you have more confidence around people.” - A. R. February, 2013
“I'm soooo relieved that I found this product! I happened across the video on aol where the item had been featured on The Doctors t.v. show. I've always had problems with odor and recurring B.V. and I never knew how to manage it...precription medicine has never worked! Recently I'd been doing more research about how to address the root of the problem which is bad bacteria weighing out the good bacteria and your V's inability to fight it properly. I discovered Waterworks which is a reverse douching system. Instead of forcing the water upward it flows downwards and when you combine that will the quality grade stainless steel, then you have a wonderful product! It has been working SO well! :) I'm currently 4 days into using the product and it worked immediately on day one! I am now able to reclaim my life. The embarrassment that I've suffered for the past 10 years is finally gone. I feel comfortable going to the gym (and stretching) and most importantly having a healthy intimate relationship with my husband. This product is a VeJayJay savior! :)” - I. J. January, 2013
“I had heard about WaterWorks a while ago and decided to give it a try since I had never like normal cleansing products as they caused me sensitivity and my doctor is (as they all are) against them. I ran this product by her and she gave me the green light. It's helped so much! I use it twice a day in the shower and not only has it helped keep my personal problems under control, but I also feel so fresh and clean afterwards! Not to make too tasteless of a joke, but when I skip this step in my shower, it's like not flossing my teeth when I brush! I never feel quite as clean! It is a sturdy product and very easy to store. I am extremely pleased that I've found this.)” - S.J.H. December, 2012
“OMG I love this product!! Since I was a teenager I have struggled with vaginal discharge. Since I have had my children, it has been 10 fold worse. I was to the point where I had pantiliners on every day just to keep *dry*. And changed them numerous times throughout the day. I did not have a lot of odor but with the combination of pantiliners, I did. After just 2 uses of Waterworks, that was completely eliminated. Completely. I honestly thought this might be a big money grab, boy was I wrong - and estatic to be wrong!! This is an amazing product that has changed my life. I can now go from morning to night with no pantiliners and NO discharge in any way, shape or form. Incredible! Thank-you so much for making a product like this available. :)” - B.J. November, 2012
“After trying OTC scented douches, I saw this product online and pondered purchasing it for 2 weeks. When I received the product, I thought ..This is what I paid $69 for? However when I started using the WaterWorks, I was astounded at the results. I use it daily when I shower. No odor. This company is worth investing in. Summers Eve look out!!” - P.B. October, 2012
“The best thing I ever bought was WaterWorks. I've been dealing with the odor for a little over ten years, nothing has ever worked. Within a week of seeing WaterWorks on TV, I bought it. The odor that I had been dealing with for so long was gone after one use of WaterWorks!! I was expecting another product that doesn't deliver...I'm so happy that I was wrong!! I've been married for 10 years and now we can finally have a great sex life. I want every woman to know about this product; if you have an odor problem, WaterWorks will completely change your life. I used mine for the first time a few days ago and this was the best money I ever spent!!” - K.H. Sep, 2012
“Since I started using the WaterWorks system, I feel better about myself. I can sit in company and not feel like people are smelling me. Thank you WaterWorks!!” - C.H. Aug, 2012
“After trying OTC scented douches, I saw this product online and pondered purchasing it for 2 weeks. When I received the product, I thought: This is what I paid $69 for? However when I started using the WaterWorks, I was astounded at the results!!! I use it daily when I shower. No odor. This company is REALLY worth investing in. Summers Eve look out!!” - P.B. Aug, 2012
“I gotta say, I was kind of skeptical about this product, but I gotta tell you ladies, this vaginal cleansing system saved my cooch!!! LOL, no really, it was the best thing that has happened. Before I tried this product, I had a very foul odor, something like fish or garbage smelling discharge coming from inside of me. Whatever it was, it was an embarrassing odor that prevented me from having sex. :( I washed, used peroxide water mix daily, but no matter what I never got rid of it. Now it could've came from sex, or the fact that I just had a baby 3 months ago, but whatever the case was, the vaginal cleansing system washed right out of me!! It shipped very quick--4 days and as soon as I received it in the mail I damn near ripped the box apart just to get it out and try it. The first time I used it, I IMMEDIATELY saw results---the smell was almost non-existent!!!” - B.W. July, 2012
“Uses tap water, no harsh chemicals! I had this bad odor thing after a miscarriage. Checked with several doctors who said I do not have any yeast infection nor bacterial infection. It has gotten worst over the years. One suggested I use summer eve and the other suggest Refresh both OTC products. I was not crazy about either as they both contain chemicals. I saw this on TV and decided to order it the same day because it looks safe and use water instead of chemicals. It worked the first day, no odor!! It does work!!” - G.F. June, 2012
“I'm soooo relieved that I found this product! I happened across the video on aol where the item had been featured on The Doctors t.v. show. I've always had problems with odor and recurring B.V. and I never knew how to manage it...precription medicine has never worked!!” - I.J. May 12, 2012
“The WaterWorks allows me to feel fresh and clean without destroying normal body fluids. I feel confident with the WaterWorks!” - J.M. March 12, 2012
“I love this product. I have talked to my doctor about my vaginal odor and why it occurs even after I shower. She had no answer. I will forever use WaterWorks. Thanks.” - P.L. December, 2011
“WaterWorks is the best investment I have invested in this year. I swear by this product. I was excited and anxious to use it and it worked instantly. The first day I tried it, I was ready for oral sex again because of my confidence and reassurance. I love this product!” - S.F. November, 2011
“I have tried everything from regular douches to intimate washes and Doctor's prescriptions. My BV would come and go. It wasn't until I ordered the WaterWorks that I saw a dramatic change. No more discharge after using it two days in a row. I couldn't believe it! And no more odor or extra moisture! This product it wonderful and I have told all of my friends that have the same problems to get one.” - S.K. October, 2011
“I just wanted to say that I love your product. I have had a discharge problem since I was 10 years old and it even stayed after having a total hysterectomy. I was very skeptical about ordering WaterWorks and waited several months before I did. I am so thankful that I talked myself into giving it a shot. Now I am odor and discharge free at 50 years of age!!! Love it!!!” - S.B. September, 2011
“I didn't want to write a testimonial before I had tried Waterworks extensively but after using it for just 2 days and seeing how effective it is I had to let others know.

I was very skeptical about it, even after reading all the positive reviews but I was desperate for a solution. I didn't want to use conventional douches as the literature is against them.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to use Waterworks but was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is. And yes, it's very effective - I feel cleaner and fresher than ever and very self confident - thank you Waterworks, I think you may just have saved my marriage! Where was this gizmo all my life??” - H.S. August, 2011
“I love this product. This has been the most effective product I have ever used to stop vaginal odor. Not even an over-the-counter product I had heard about is as effective as this. I have introduced this product to several people and they too were very pleased with your product. Thank you so much for making such an effective product!” - R.G. July, 2011
“I can't live without it! Thanks for making this life-changing product!” - L.M. June, 2011
“All I can say is WOW! One use and the problem that has plagued me for 5 years is gone! Thank you for this great product!” - L.G. May, 2011
“The more I use my WaterWorks the happier I am with it. It is very easy to use and is very comfortable when inserted. It helps me feel clean & fresh! Thanks for a wonderful product! It is easier to use than other douche products on the market!!” - G.B. April, 2011
“WaterWorks is the answer to my prayers and I will continue to use it because it yields the results that I want! I will also recommend it to anyone who I know that has vaginal odor problems. Thank you so much for developing this product. It is awesome!” - V.L. March, 2011
“I just wanted to say that WaterWorks is the best feminine product out there. I purchased WaterWorks a few months ago and have been using it daily every since. At first I thought it was a little pricey but it was worth it. To whomever it may concern, I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product. KUDOS!!! Back in the day when I would douche with a regular douche I would get yeast infections and BV so I had to stop douching. That is until I came across this fabulous product. I use it every morning with no problems. Thanks again.” - L.R. February, 2011
“This product is wonderful! I only wish I had found it earlier in my life...After only a few short days with WaterWorks, the odor was gone and so was the discharge. It's easy and quick to use in the shower...I feel like a new woman and have gained my confidence back. I could go on and on about how WaterWorks has changed my life. I thank you and my husband thanks you!” - K.B. January, 2011
“I absolutely love your products! They are amazing and have completely changed my life! That I swear! Every female I know either has one or is on their way to get one. I honestly don't think I can live without it. Keep up the good work. You guys ROCK!! Thank you so much!” - J.G. December, 2010
“My odor problem began after my Mirena IUD insertion, resulting in odor and minor BV. WaterWorks has been very helpful. My odor and discharge have nearly vanished. This is a great product. Thank you!” - P.M. November, 2010
“I use this product as part of my daily hygiene ritual. I have never had odor or discharge problems but I really enjoy the cleaning ability of this product regardless. I recommend that you advertise this as a healthy cleaning solution for women without odor and discharge, like myself. All women can benefit from this product's use.” - A.K. October, 2010
“I absolutely love this product! I was a little skeptical that it would even work. But after using it twice I noticed a difference in my vaginal odor and discharge. I have told everyone I know about this product and will continue to. Thank you so much for creating something that truly makes a difference! I feel so confident now!” - A.S. September, 2010
“I wish I had known about this product sooner, I could have avoided so many embarrassing moments and problems with my husband. We are both very grateful for WaterWorks.” - J.M. August, 2010
“I think the waterworks system is the answer for many women and I tell them when I get a chance. It's a taboo subject but it's helped me and I'd like to spread the word so others can be helped too.” - M.R. July, 2010
“This product is amazing. I used it the night I received it and noticed a huge improvement immediately. I feel fresher and can walk into a room with confidence and not worry about odor. I'm glad I found you. Thank you!” - N.J. June, 2010
“I think WaterWorks is an awesome product. For the first time you can use apersonal cleansing device that doesn't disturb your body's delicate balance. I love the fact that WaterWorks is FDA approved, recommended by doctors, all natural and chemical free. I may have been a skeptic but I will definitely keep using my WaterWorks product. It's the perfect product for new moms!” - 512Kidz blog May 2010
“This is a wonderful product and I am very pleased with how well it works. I have always been a little self-conscious about vaginal odor, especially since everything on the market (deodorant feminine products) caused me vaginal infections. This is the first product that I have tried that I am 100% pleased with. Thank you, and please keep me posted on other great products from your company.” - S.M. April 2010
“After using WaterWorks for two weeks, I am very happy to report that the vaginal odor and thrush problems that I have been suffering with for over 10 years have been reduced with lovely results. I don't have bad odor anymore, my itching has subsided and I feel more confident about myself. But most of all I feel like a woman again, fresh and clean. I would recommend WaterWorks to any and every woman out there. Thank you Waterworks!!!!! Waterworks has really helped me so much. I feel like I am floating on a cloud.” - P.S. March 2010
“I love my WaterWorks! It worked within 3 days. I didn't have a strong odor like other women using your product but I always used something around my period time and after sexual intercourse. The store bought douches would make me itch for 2-3 days and make me feel really dry in my vaginal area. But even though I didn't have a vaginal odor I could tell a change in my normal odor. I am very, very, very pleased with my WaterWorks and have suggested it to all my friends. Thank you for making such a great product! I know my other friends and family will love it as much as I have.” - T.G. February 2010
“I've been using WaterWorks at the end of my menstral cycle and after sex and it has helped a lot with the discharge and odor that have been a problem for a long time. It has even helped with itching. I'm so much more comfortable and free. Thank you, WaterWorks!” - D.C. January 2010
“Most products cover odor, they don't get rid of the odor. WaterWorks actually got rid of the odor.”
- Nicole
“I have my life back again because I am no longer insecure. I love WaterWorks. I love it! I can not live without it.”
- Kenisha
“You've got to try this product. It's awesome. There is nothing like it out there on the market. I tried everything and I can tell you this works.”
- Elsa
“I used WaterWorks for a little over a month and I saw results in the very first week, actually it was in the first couple of days.”
- Amy (IUD User)
Testimonials from our Clinical Study Participants
“It was easy to use. It was comfortable. And it was almost hard to believe because as soon as I used it, the problem went away. It actually boosted my self-esteem a lot and I felt very confident that I wasn't gonna have that problem throughout the day. It was really great. I'm just elated with it.”
“It was almost immediate cleansing, and then it didn't come back. It was easy to use. I felt more confident. I felt cleaner. It is a great product, it really is.”
“I feel more confident, more feminine. It’s wonderful. My husband is as happy as I am.”
“It's always made me feel fresh and clean. It was in that first week I noticed a difference, the odor seemed to be gone and I just felt better. I was really pleased how it worked so quickly, and so easily.”
“It only took two minutes a day and it cured the problem. I had a lot more confidence. If I did it for the rest of my life I wouldn't have to worry about an odor problem ever. This is the best thing I ever used.”
“I like the fact that you can just use water and that's all it takes. I was pleased with how easy it was to use and how well it worked. I was happy with it.”
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